Most cruises are referred to as all inclusive cruises, but if you are looking online to book a cruise for your summer holiday, you to need to do plenty of research into what that really means.

When enquiring about this type of holiday make sure the cruise line or agent explain in detail what is actually included when they say “all-inclusive”. This more often than not does not mean that absolutely everything is included.

All Inclusive Cruises can differ between Cruise Lines

The traditional all inclusive cruise with the budget cruise lines and the huge mega ships usually means that the price you pay covers your accommodations on board, food, non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment on the ship, taxes, and port fees.

There is often some confusion about whether or not snacks are included and with some of these cruises, the price does not include beverages like sodas. The price of the cruise will vary depending on the style and location of your cabin. Suites cost more and your package deal will be higher if your cabin is on the outside of the ship versus the inside.

Another level of all-inclusive cruise, more expensive than the type described above, also include a roundtrip bus trip to and from the pier and an unlimited drink package. Cruise lines that are popular for “alcohol included” all inclusive cruises are Carnival, MSC Cruises, Costa and Royal Caribbean as well as those that specialize in the luxury cruises on smaller ships like Silversea, Crystal, and Seabourn.

Sometimes the shore excursions are also included as well as the spa treatments available on board. Luxury cruises normally will tell you not to tip the service people like stewards and wait staff. That cost is usually wrapped into the price of the cruise.

Completely all-inclusive cruise holidays arranged by a travel agent or the cruise line can also include your airfare to and from the port city and even a hotel stay the night before the cruise departs and the night that it returns.

Perfect for Adults and Children

When it comes to family holidays, all inclusive cruise deals on lines like Disney are perfect for both the adults and the children. The price includes not just your cabin, food, and entertainment, but also all of the activities for the children as well as babysitting services that can give the parents some free time to enjoy on their own.

While there are many advantages to these cruises because of the convenience of having everything paid for when you board and not having to keep your wallet and credit card constantly handy, there are some points that some people don’t care for. This style of cruise is very well organised and the itinerary is basically set in stone.

The shore excursions and sights you will see are completely planned for you and are run on a tight schedule. This takes away your freedom to see what you want or to spend more time at one place than another. The feeling of being locked in to a strict schedule, including when and where to eat, is the biggest complaint that people have about all-inclusive cruises. Part of a relaxing holiday is the absence of schedules and limitations on time.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all inclusive cruises but luckily there are all different levels of these cruises. How much you want included is completely up to you and depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Keep in mind that if you go for the more budget-oriented all-inclusive cruise, by the time you pay for all of the other incidentals that aren’t included, you may end up paying as much if not more than if you had opted for the truly all-inclusive deal

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