Port Location: The port of Alicante lies in the east of Spain just south of Valencia. Indeed, the port itself suffered during the turbulent 1980’sand lost much of its commercial business to the port of Valenica however it still holds importance to Madrid being the closest port to the capital and is heavily connect by rail, road and air to the city.

Alicante’s port is situated in the center of the city – near the Paseo de Canalejas and nearly 1500 vessels pass through it every year.

Transport: Transport from the port to the city is simple enough and an efficient tram service is available – Puerta del Mar is the port stop and it takes you to Sangueta where you can connect to anywhere in the city. Also there is the usual abundance of taxis however with cruises from Alicante your cruise line should provide transport to any of the sights and tourist attractions.

Description: The port itself is full of life and vibrancy. There are many modern and stylish café’s and bars lining the marina and El Puerto Complex is home to several traditional Spanish seafood restaurants meaning that you don’t have to venture all the way into the centre of town to experience traditional Spanish cuisine.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Cruises from Alicante benefit from having many great sightseeing and excursion opportunities. The Turibus stops at all the popular tourist sites and you can just hop on and off as you please.

The pick of the bunch has to be the impressive and imposing Santa Barbara Castle that sits overlooking the city. Built in the 10th century by The Moors it offers a rare glimpse into Spain’s troubled and fascinating past. Furthermore, there are several museums present in the city that showcase both its enthralling history – the Bullfighting Museum – and its stylish modernism – the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Beaches: The closest beach to the port of Alicante is the Playa de Tabarca although the Playa de San Juan and the Playa del Postiquet are close by.

Shopping: While Alicante isn’t world renowned for its shopping facilities it does offer an extensive range of both local and modern outlets. The Avenida Maisonnave and Rambla de Mendez are the places to go for fashion and designer boutiques while the daily market on the Explanada offers the chance to view and purchase some local goods such as handicrafts, ceramic’s and pottery.

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