Port Location: Izmir is the third largest metropolis in Turkey and it can be found on the Western coast of the country bordering the Gulf of Izmir and the Aegean Sea.

Transport: The Port of Izmir has a good transportation system if you happen to be embarking on a cruise from this location or just stopping off. Taxi’s are readily available and are not very expensive. A local bus service is also in operation for those on a budget.

Description: The Port is an important trading location for the West of the country and handles over 12m tonnes of cargo every year and also finds countless numbers of people pass through its shores as well.

Sightseeing and Excursions: The city itself can date its history back to ancient times however it has now transformed itself into a modern and sleek location that is dominated by commerce.

That being said, it is still a fantastic place to go for historical tours. Given its vast history it is only natural that the city should have an important museum and the Archaeological Museum of Izmir displays and showcases many different relics and objects from the past that have been excavated in the surrounding area and has around 10 thousand exhibits shown at any given time.

Aside from this and if you are more into people watching and just absorbing the daily life of the city then head to the Konak Square. This is the main location in the city and is home to the City Hall and main bus station however it is a great place to sit back with a drink and watch everything that is going on around you.

Beaches: Izmir is knownfor having very hot and humid summers with a damper climate in the winter time however it is a well-known spot for beach goers and you will not be in short supply. The Cesmealti is around 30km from the centre of the city and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

Shopping:The Port of Izmir and the city itself has a very curious mix of ancient and ultra-modern. You can find the modern shopping centres in the city much in the same was as you would any other 21st century metropolis however there also exists a thriving local market that sells good that have been sold for centuries and they both culminate to create a unique and special cruise destination.

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