Port Location: Found on the Akrotiri Bay, Limassol Port is an extremely important tourist entry into the holiday country of Cyprus and much of the tourist industry in the region depends on the cruise trade.

Transport: Any excursions that you are booked on to see from Limassol will come with transportation and your cruise liner will be able to notify you of this however if you are going off exploring on your own then the city is easily accessible and public transport is frequent although taxi’s will be more expensive.

Description: The port is an historic maritime location that can trace its origins all the way back to the 5th century AD and has been an important trade route for centuries. Indeed, it provides a vibrant export industry for Cyprus and specializes in the exportation of grapes, wines and citrus fruits.

Sightseeing and Excursions: There are many sights and excursion opportunities that exist in the city and the surrounding area. Chief among the sights is The Limassol Castle that was completely rebuilt in the 19th century but evidence suggests that it has been in operation for hundreds of years before.

Kourion, an ancient city, is found nearby and it is always a popular trip for cruise enthusiasts. It’s roots go all the way back to the Greek empire and the massive amphitheatre that was once present in the city has been rebuilt to its original structure and it even houses modern day performances so you can get a feel of what it was like to see an event there hundreds if not thousands of years ago.

Another must see event is the Port Wine Festival that is held every September and showcases a variety of wines from the locally produces to the internationally obscure.

Beaches: If you find yourself at Limassol Port then you are in luck should you want to visit a beach during your stay. The Limassol beach is miles long with a unique dark grey makeup and is the perfect place to relax if you have been sightseeing for most of the day.

Shopping: Perhaps the best shopping experience in the city is the shoe market and it provides the best shoe shopping experience in the whole of Cyprus. Indeed, the city has built up a reputation of promoting goods that are cheaper than elsewhere especially when it comes to the chain stores and designer labels.

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