Port Location: The capital of Italy is one of the most gorgeous and cultured cities in the world an provides a fantastic experience for any visitor. Rome is located on the peninsula’s western side and sits beside the third longest river in Italy – the Tiber.

Transport: You will dock at the Civitavecchia port (just west of the city itself) and it is well serviced by the local trains (several trains leave the station every hour and go directly to Rome and take around 80 minutes) or indeed, the faster network that gets you to the Eternal City in less than an hour. A shuttle is available to take you from the port itself to the train station.

Description: The Civitavecchia port is located in the town of the same name just an hour or so with Rome itself. The port itself is an important gateway to the Mediterranean and Italy overall and it is also the link between the Italian mainland and the island of Sardinia.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Your cruise company should offer some great excursions to Rome itself given the close proximity and short journey time between the port and the city. Rome has some of the greatest sights in Europe when it comes to exploring and these include the Vatican City, Pantheon and also the impressive and imposing Colosseum.

Closer to the port itself and the area of Lazio (the region that the city is based) is fantastic for both historical and natural sightseeing. If you have more time then you can look towards Tarquinia to find and explore some Etruscan tombs and also the outstanding museum that is present.

Beaches: The nearest beach to the city is Ostia which is accessible in under half an hour by train.

Shopping: One of the main attractions of Rome is the shopping opportunities that the city presents. Along with Milan, Rome is one of the most fashionable places on the Italian peninsula and you can find both designer and local outlets alike that will cater for your shopping needs. If you are looking for boutiques that specialise in women’s fashion then head towards the Piazza di Spagna for shoes, dresses and jewellery.

The Via Borgognona is home to some of the more well known designer outlets including Prada and Gucci however prices here will be, understandably, high. For antique browsing then look no further than the Via Margutta and the Via del Corso.

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