Port Location: Sitting on the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik is fast making a name for itself as a tourist hotspot and the port is becoming a fantastic gateway into this reformed city.

Transport: The great thing about Dubrovnik port is that it can be found only a few hundred yards away from the city centre so within a couple of minutes of disembarking your ship you will find yourself right in the heart of the city with all its amenities. Any excursions to the surrounding area will have transport provided for you.

Description: The city has a interesting Old Town (the original location of Dubrovnik) that is very medieval in nature and some of the old architecture and designs can still be seen as you walk around its narrow streets and steep passageways.

Sightseeing and Excursions: The Franciscan Monastery is always a must see for anyone who travels to the city and right beside it is the oldest Pharmacy in Europe. You might not consider a pharmacy to be among your highlights however when you consider that it can date its operation back to the 14th century then you will see why it is a very popular tourist destination.

The cities Synagogue is Europe’s second oldest and you may want to take a look at the Rector’s Palace if your taste is in art as it houses many Baroque paintings. Perhaps the most iconic fixture of the city is the walls that surrounded it and if you like to walk and take everything in at the same time then a tour of the walls will be right up your street as certain locations along the Walls provide great views of the Adriatic sea.

Beaches: Dubrovnik Port and the city itself are now renowned for providing visitors with a beach holiday as the emphasis here is very much on culture and history however you can visit the Banje Beach which is close to the Old Town or, if you have more time, travel over to the nearby islands of Lokrum and Lopud.

Shopping: The small, narrow and winding streets of the city provide the perfect opportunity to discover some small and intimate shops and fashion stores are in abundance in the city. However one place to recommend is the Bajadera chocolate shop that is always met with enthusiasm by sweet toothed tourists.

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