Port Location: Genoa – one of the three cities that makes up the industrial triangle in Northern Italy with Turin and Milan – is located on the north-west coast of the country. Indeed, it acts to service the most northerly parts of Italy in the same way the Rome does to the central regions.

Transport: When you get to the city, for cruises from Genoa, you will find that the transportation network is fairly easy to navigate and use. In fact, the main train station for the city – the Stazione Principe – is located a short distance from the port itself and serves the whole city as well as destinations further afield. Ask your cruise liner about a shuttle service and be warned that getting a taxi can be rather difficult from the port due to passenger congestion however it will cost less than 20 Euro’s to get to the city centre.

Description: Cruises from Genoa will depart from the port located in the west of the city and an estimated 58 million tonne’s annually pass through the busy system. Indeed, it is a massive complex that spans some 20 kilometers up the coast and over 4 millions passengers pass through its waters every year.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Genoa is sometimes overlooked as a tourist destination in favor of more popular locations such as Rome and Milan. However, cruises from Genoa allow visitors to see some truly brilliant sights. The San Lorenzo Cathedral is a 13th century building that boasts a black and white marble facade while the Aquarium in the city is the 2nd largest in the whole of Europe.

The Old Town is a beautiful rustic feel to it however it can be easy to get lost in the many narrow passages and streets and The Renaissance and Baroque Rolli Palaces are now UNESCO World Heritage Site’s and date as far back as the 16th century.

Beaches: Genoa is not a natural beach city however it does feature some decent beaches including the Bagni Maddalena however your best bet is to travel up the coast to the likes of Camogli or Rapollo and they can be reached easily by train.

Shopping: Again, the city is not renowned for its shopping experiences however that does not mean that there isn’t any shopping to be done and Genoa is considered by some to be the best shopping city in the Liguria region. It is famous for its specialty goods including silvers and ceramic pottery and these types of items can be found on the Via Soziglia. Like any Italian city it features some designer and high end boutiques (although not as frequent as Rome or Milan) and they can be located on the Via Luccoli and Via XX Settembre.

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