Port Location: Livorno is found on the western coast of Italy just north of the capital Rome. It serves as a useful port to the more tourist orientated areas such as Florence and Pisa that are located nearby.

Transport: When your arrive in the port you will usually find that your ship docks a fair bit away from the main terminal building. However, taxi’s are readily available to take you to the nearest train station (Livorno Centrale) if your cruise liner hasn’t already organized a shuttle. In fact, the port itself is around 2 km away with the city center.

Description: The port of Livorno has a long history in servicing cruises and, as mentioned, is a popular gateway to the region of Tuscany. It acts as a midpoint between the port of Genoa in the north and the more centrally located port of Civitavecchia near Rome.

Sightseeing and Excursions: If you are going on a cruise that leaves or docks from the port of Livorno then there are some sights in the city itself that act as very interesting and beautiful excursions. While many tourists tend to go further afield to Florence (which is around 50km away), the city of Livorno features the old Venice District that has much of the original medieval architecture complete with narrow rustic lanes and canals.

If you are a classical music fan then The Museo Mascagnano is home to artifacts belonging to Pietro Mascagni including original compositions and documents. For a more religious excursion then consider the Sanctuary of Montenero that is found in the hills surrounding the city; it dates back to the early 17th century and is a popular destination for pilgrims.

Beaches: Visiting the port of Livorno means that you can take advantage of some of the beaches available between the city and the town of Piombino to the North. Castiglioncello offers some of the best beaches in Italy and is located just 16 km away. Similarly, Vada is another town close to the port city that has a good record of beautiful beaches.

Shopping: Livorno has a decent reputation (like many Italian cities) for its shopping experiences. The Via Grande is the main shopping street in the city and here you can find all the main designer boutiques and outlets. If department stores are more your thing then the largest in Livorno is ‘Coin’ and this is to be found on the Piazza Attias and offers your usual array of chain stores and designer shops.

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