Port Location: Villefranche and the Port of Villefranche is found on the French Rivera and, as you would expect, it benefits from great weather all year round and is an extravagant but relaxing place to holiday.

Transport: One of the major benefits of docking in Villefranche is its size. It is a very small and compact place and everything is in very easy walking distance from the port however a taxi service is available should you need it.

Description: The origins can be traced back to the 14th century and Villefranche is often seen as a much more laid back, relaxed and chilled out place as opposed to the livelier cities that are to be found nearby however the port itself is heavily reliant on the tourist trade.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Cruises from Nice will first go to Villefranche and the two places have some excellent sightseeing opportunities. The Chapelle St-Pierre in Villefranche is a Romanesque chapel and is beautifully decorated and painted in religious imagry so this is defiantly a must see for both art and religious lovers. Continuing with the art theme and the Musee Volti is well worth a visit to see the work of sculptor Antoniucci Volti.

In Nice itself you would be crazy to miss out on the Colline du Chateau that overlooks the city and the port and provides great views of the adjoining area. It does have a castle however it is now very much ruins and even what remains is fast crumbling however it is still worth viewing to see the strategic importance that it must have once had. Something that is definitely worth seeing is the old town or the Vieux Nice with its winding alleyways and narrow streets which portray and rustic charm.

Beaches: If you are going to the Port of Villefranche then this commune is the best place to go to find a beach and the Villefranche beach is very family friendly and also has everything you would expect from a beach on the French Riviera.

Shopping: If your taste lies in local goods and handmade crafts then Villefranche is the place to go however for a more modern shopping experience then it is perhaps best to head to Nice as it will have all the chain store and designer outlets you would associate with a major French city and you will not be disappointed in what it has to offer.

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