Thessaloniki Cruise Port

Port Location: Thessaloniki Port is located in the country’s second largest city – Thessaloniki – and is the second largest port on the Aegean Sea.

Transport: Luckily if you are cruising from Thessaloniki then the country’s system of transport is among one of the most efficient and reliable in Europe and it is also cheap to travel as well so any local journeys will not leave you much out of pocket. That being said, taxi services are available as well.

Description: The port has been around since 316 BC and has always been a vital economic hub for the area and, throughout its history; it has also been strategic military location for the Greek empire.

Sightseeing and Excursions: As you would expect from the city that has such an ancient and import port, Thessaloniki is full of excursions and sightseeing opportunities. Even if you are just beginning your cruise journey in the city, it is well worth spending an extra day or two and seeing some of the sights that it has to offer.

The Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum for example is well-known as an important archive of ancient Greek artefacts coming from the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The city itself also has an important religious heritage and the Agia Sophia is one of the most visited religious sites in the whole of Greece and can date its foundation back to the 8th century and has been converted to a Mosque and back to Christianity several times in the period since.

Other important excursion locations in the city are the Jewish Museum and Museum of Byzantine Culture both of which enjoy high crowds every year however many people also prefer to simply bask in the goings on in the city and the central food market is a particular highlight.

Beaches: Thessaloniki port experiences consistently good weather all year round and especially in the summer months so you would expect a good beach culture. The Halkidiki peninsula is your best bet for a good beach and it is only just south of the city.

Shopping: Even though the city centre of the city isn’t the biggest by any stretch of the imagination you do get some great shopping opportunities. Small malls and chains stores can be found here and you will recognize many of the brand names however a flourishing local market and sales of local goods can be found in the city.

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