Port Location: Valencia sits on the eastern coast of Spain and its port is a valuable gateway into the third most populous city in the country. Indeed, it provides an essential counterweight between the more northerly port of Barcelona and the port of Malaga to the south.

Transport: The second largest train station in the area – Estación del Cabañal – is found in close proximity to the port. The Marinia is around a 20 minute journey to the city centre and frequent buses are available as well as taxis however your cruise ship should be able to provide a transfer for you.

Description: The Port of Valencia is one of the biggest ports on the Mediterranean Sea and welcomes over 7000 ships per year – many of these cruise vessels.The port itself can date its origins back to the 16th century and has since grown to become one of Spain’s largest and most influential ports – 55 millions tonnes of cargo is shepherd through Valencia annually.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Valencia does not lack in sightseeing opportunities and the city is home to some of the most beautiful and interesting sights in the country. Even just walking around the city and admiring its unique architecture can be a worthwhile experience however try and fit in the Placa de la Verge – home to the Turia Fountain and the Basilica of the Virgin.

Indeed, the city boasts quite an impressive collection of art galleries and you can find both historical art – in the Almudin – and contemporary – the Museum of Modern Art – so there is something for everybody’s taste. Finally, La Lonja, the old maritime stock exchange that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must see with its surrounding narrow streets that are filled with bars and restaurants.

Beaches: The Malvarrosa Beach is the closest to the port of Valencia can be reached on foot.

Shopping: Perhaps Valencia doesn’t instantly spring to mind when thinking of shops and shopping however the city does boast a very fashionable and elegant shopping district. The Calle Colón and the Calle Don Juan de Austria are two of the most popular shopping streets in the city and will provide a good mix of expensive and cheap options. Indeed, on a Sunday morning there is a very popular local market at Plaza Redonda and cruises from Valencia benefit greatly from the eclectic and varied shopping experiences on offer.

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