Port Location: Malta holds a fascination with many people and it is easy to see why it is a popular tourist spot. The port itself (Valletta port) is protected by the landscape and is found on the eastern side of the island.

Transport: A unique element of the port is that you can get to the city centre via horse drawn carriage and it is unlikely that you will find this service anywhere else in terms of your cruise holiday. This can be a fantastic way to enjoy the surroundings in an elegant fashion however it is also easily walk able and taxis are available too.

Description: Being the capital of Malta, you would expect the port to be busy both in terms of tourism and trade and the wharf itself is over 700 meters long and is an vital trading route for the whole island.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Malta is a tourist hotspot for two reasons; one is that is enjoys a very agreeable climate especially during the spring and summer and the second is that it is a fascinating historic island with many sights to see while you are there.

The Great Siege of Malta and the Knights of St. John is one such experience that is regarded as a must see on the island. An interactive tour of many different aspects of Maltese history including the 12th century Pilgrims and the Knights of the Crusaders, it has proved to be a popular attraction amongst those who visit the island. A more relaxing trip would be to the Upper Barracca Gardens that give off a sense of tranquillity and peace as well as being visually beautiful as well and can be just the place to visit after a long day of sightseeing.

Beaches: Many people may be slightly surprised that a coastal city with such a warm climate does not have any immediate sandy beaches present although there are rock ones. However, Ghadira Bay is only up the road and can be reached easily by bus.

Shopping: Valletta Port itself has some great shopping facilities however many people tend to venture into the town for the more local stores that readily sell locally made products. One highlight however is the Merchant Street Flea Market where you can really find a bargain and is one of the attractions for tourist who enter the city.

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