So you’re on board your cruise ship. You’ve eaten your fill and shopped ‘til you dropped. What’s next?

Not to worry, there is a myriad of options for your ship entertainment. Whatever your preference, from comedy, to movies to shows, you’re bound to find something on board that will fit your fancy.

Cruise Entertainment Options

Singers – Many of the bars scattered throughout your cruise ship will offer their own singers or entertainers. In the piano bar, for example, you might find a shipboard regular tickling the ivories and taking requests. Another bar might feature more of a singer-songwriter feel, with two or three guitar players taking time to sing old favourites.

For those seeking a livelier way to end the evening, some shipboard singers put on a complete variety performance, interspersing jokes and stories and even getting the audience members up on stage to join in on a song or two.

Comedy – “So a guy walks into a cruise ship…” Don’t think you’re going to hear a bunch of stuffy old one liners when choosing comedy as your ship entertainment. Many cruises feature the latest comedy stars and some up and coming ones. Some cruise lines even offer “comedy cruises” that make the evenings headliner comedy acts as much of an attraction as the ports of call.

Movies – From the latest Hollywood blockbusters, to cult comedies, to timeless classics, you’ll find some kind of cinema showing to satisfy your celluloid cravings. Most ships usually have one main theatre that shows movies throughout the day and night. In addition, many ship have smaller theatres that cater to children and teens.

Variety Shows – Usually staged in the largest theatre on the ship, these variety shows are a popular choice for onboard ship entertainment. These shows can sometimes feature selections from Broadway classics, puppetry, dancing, and even trick bike riding.

Talent Shows – Talent shows are one of the big draws on board cruise ships and it’s no wonder – usually there are prizes involved! These talent shows range from singing to dancing to comedy, sometimes all rolled into one. Another fun cruise ship tradition is the crew talent show, where members of the crew get up to show the passengers their hidden talents.

Shows – Usually hosted by the Cruise director or someone else in the crew, these game shows are usually some variation on TV game shows such as Hollywood Squares or Wheel of Fortune. When the weather is nice, they’re played out on the deck, so you can get a tan while watching your favourite game show.

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