So you’ve eaten your fill and seen all the shows there are to see, what now?

Don’t worry, in addition to dining and live entertainment, there are a number of cruise ship facilities available for use by passengers while you’re out at sea.

Spa – No floating palace at sea would be complete without a spa for pampering. From manicures, to pedicures, to waxing, the spas on board your cruise ship will offer anything that a land based spa could, and then some. Where else are you going to get a supply of fresh seaweed for that much deserved seaweed soak?

A couple of things to keep in mind when using a spa on your ship: they are sometimes run by an onboard spa company, you need to book ahead, and the spa charges usually aren’t included in your cruise fees. You’ll need to pay for them separately.

Gym – Need a way to work off all those four course dinners? A full sized and well equipped gym is another one of the standard ship facilities on just about every cruise liner. In addition, they usually have a fully trained staff that can help you shed those last few pounds.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities, many ships feature a jogging track that loops around the upper deck, offering you spectacular ocean views while running. Basic gym features, such as exercise machines, are usually included with your cruise package.

Internet – Need to keep blogging while you’re riding the waves? No problem. Modern cruise ships feature internet cafes and computers where you can access the internet through the ships onboard satellite connection. Depending on your cruise line and ship, there may even be wireless access available in your room. Most internet access on board is pay as you go, but your line may have special offers available.

Golf – In the middle of the Atlantic? Sure! Some of the larger cruise ships feature full sized mini golf courses just like anything you’d see back home, right down to the spinning windmill. Depending on your cruise line, there may or may not be a charge for the mini golf. One thing is for sure, book early, as this is a popular activity onboard.

Rock Climbing – Just because you’re surrounded by water doesn’t mean you can’t get in a little rock climbing, right? A climbing wall has become one of the hottest ship facilities and it’s no wonder.

When you reach the top, not only are you rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll get one of the best views on the ship. Not everyone can make it up to the top of that wall. As with the golf, rock climbing may or may not be included in your cruise price.

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