Fortunately, it is possible to book a cheap cruise without giving up all the amenities that go along with relaxing ship travel. Advance planning, timing, luck, and even haggling all come into play when it comes to finding good deals.

Many people prefer to consult an online cruise agent to help them find the best deals. They sometimes have fast access to the best cruise deals as soon as they come out.

An experienced cruise agent will be aware of when the prices go down on a cruise you many have already booked and can rebook it for you at the lower rate. It is possible to haggle with an agent who has a good relationship with a number of cruise lines who in turn can haggle with that cruise line. They can help you get extras such as an upgraded cabin with no extra cost.

The Internet

There are many reliable cruising websites today that can provide you with all available deals for the destination you want and for a variety of cruise lines. These sites also provide detailed information about these cruises. Some even have features you can use to enter when you want to travel, your preferred destinations, and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

This search will return several different cruise options that match your criteria.

Advanced planning can help you find a great cheap cruise. Booking as much as six months to a year in advance can often get you a good deal. The timing of your cruise is also important. Try to travel during the off peak times like in the pre-holiday season before Christmas.

Traveling during the time that is considered in between high and low season like the end of summer and beginning of fall can save you quite a bit as well. The cruise companies always want a full ship so they offer a number of incentives, including low prices.

Here are a few other ways to find a cheap cruise:

· If you have the option, plan to leave from a port close to where you live to save on airfare and airport headaches.

· If you have been on a cruise before, check into booking on the same cruise line. They sometimes offer discounts for former guest.

· Look into cruises known as repositioning cruises. An example is a cruise that begins from a European port and ends in the Caribbean. The cruise line will book another cruise for the trip back to its home port, often a lower prices. Cruise Holidays Guide

Yes, it may take a little extra planning when cruising with babies, but it’s worth it to forego the worry of leaving him behind and knowing that he will be well taken care of while on the cruise. Some cruise lines besides Carnival and Disney that cater to younger children include, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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