Cruise and stay holidays are becoming the preferred option because of the growing number of exciting ports of embarkation combined with a broader choice of hotels available for these packages. Cruise lines are working together with the hotels to emphasize this option and even offering the service of arranging tours in port before and after the cruise. These holidays add another dimension to your existing cruise package.

Your cruise arrangements may often require that you fly to some interesting sought after port city like Miami, New York, or Juneau, Alaska in the U.S. or European cities like London, Venice, Athens, Monte Carlo, Istanbul or the town of Civitavecchia near Rome.

The Typical Cruise and Stay Holiday

The normal cruise and hotel package is basically another level of all-inclusive cruise. For instance, besides the cruise itself, a cruise and stay may include a seven-day stay split between the days before the cruise and the days after the cruise in a hotel in the port city.

These cruise holidays allow you time to spend exploring those places that have magnificent historical sights, breathtaking scenery, or some of each. You can get a little of both worlds – soaking up the sun on the deck of the ship, enjoying all the activities on board, and spending time in a city that you’ve never had the chance to visit before.

Some ports may not be suitable as far as adding on holiday time to explore new and exciting places since not all port cities have the attractions of those mentioned above.

But for the convenience of arriving in your port city the day before a cruise to ensure being at the pier in plenty of time, a stay and cruise can be the way to go. You can make it just a one-night hotel stay on both ends of the cruise. This type of cruise package may include:

· Overnight accommodations at either a hotel selected by the cruise lines or one of your choice

· Transportation to and from the airport if you fly to the port city

· Parking while on your cruise if you drive to the port city

· Round trip transportation to the cruise terminal

Travel agents and cruise line employees that do the booking are more than anxious to extend your cruise holiday since they will earn more commission not only from the cruise line but from the hotels.

There is another version of a cruise and stay that is particularly popular in the U.S. for cruises out of Florida to places like the Bahamas. Small cruise lines like Discovery offer a variety of their version of cruise and stay packages that include:

· The 4 hours cruise from either Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Freeport or Nassau

· Either breakfast, lunch, or dinner on board, depending on departure time

· A one or two night stay at one of a variety of hotels on the island

· The return cruise to Florida.

You can also choose a fun mini-holiday by booking a one or two night cruise off the coast of Florida with all the amenities of a traditional cruise. Make it a cruise and stay by including pre- and post-cruise hotel accommodations in South Florida.

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