Many people believe that a cruise package is made up of the cruise, a cabin, meals, and the typical onboard activities.

While all of this is normally included in a cruise, cruise packages can be much, much more if you utilize all of the services that a good cruise agent can provide.

When you arrange a cruise, there are many more details that have to be taken care of besides just the cruise itself. How will you get to and from the departure port? Will you need to book a hotel in the port city? How will you get to the dock? These are just a few of things that have to be considered. Your cruise holiday can be much less stressful if you use an agent that can handle all this for you and provide you with a true cruise package.

Some of the things included in Cruise Packages include:

· Depending on where you live and from what port you will be cruising, you may need to book flights to get there. An agent can make your flight reservations for you and add that to your total package cost. As always, plan your cruise well ahead in order to get not only the best cruise deals but the best flight deals as well. Sometimes you can even get a price break when you work with the cruise line to arrange your flights.

· Chances are that if you have to travel very far to get to the port, you will also need a hotel the night before you leave and the night that you return. It’s a good idea to arrive a day ahead of time in case there are delays in your travel schedule to the port. Have your agent handle these reservations as part of your cruise package.

· If you fly to the port but aren’t staying overnight before the cruise leaves, you will need transportation to the airport. This can be prearranged by an agent and included in a cruise package. If you do stay in a hotel the night before, the hotel may offer this service.

· Some shore excursions are included in the typical all-inclusive cruise, but the more interesting and exciting excursions may not be. It’s a good idea to have arrangements made for a shore excursion ahead of time because they can fill up quickly. Have your cruise agent make the reservations for you and include the price in your package.

Cruise packages take the stress out of your travel time. Having everything paid for ahead of time can also make it easier to budget your holiday.

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