Singles cruises are perfect for people traveling alone who don’t want to be stuck with a ship full of couples or hundreds of families traveling with their children. On a singles cruise you eat, drink, and attend organised activities with other singles both on board and in port.

The great thing about these cruises is that they allow you to travel with a group of single friends or travel alone. They bring you together with singles of every age group from 21 to 55. The bulk of the single passengers are usually between 35 and 55, but there will always be those who are younger than 35 and some older than 55. You can even find age specific cruises for people between 20 and 30 or over 40, for instance.

Book as Part of a Group or Individually

These cruises are organised into singles groups on the same ship with non-singles passengers. The average size of a singles group is around 100 passengers. Some cruise lines offer special Halloween sailings for singles that can draw as many as 400 to 500 people. All of the singles activities are for the singles group only and are not attended by other passengers on the ship.

When you travel in a singles cruise group you will usually be matched with a roommate of the same sex, approximate age, and smoking preference. Being matched with a roommate can save money for singles that are traveling alone by sharing the cost of the cabin with someone else. However, you are not required to take a roommate and single occupancy cabins can be arranged.

Some people who choose singles cruises may be looking to make a romantic connection, but not all. Most people are just looking for a good time with people they can connect with. When organising these cruises, the cruise lines try to ensure that the men to women ratio is about even, so for those looking for romance, the opportunities are there.

Cruise lines love to have singles groups onboard and do as much as they can to make them happy and help them meet people. Often they will host a cocktail party on the first or second day of the cruise so passengers can find people they have things in common with to spend time with on board and ashore.

Theme Parties and More….

Other activities for the singles include theme parties, lectures, get-togethers by the pool, and games. Normally, there will be a separate dining area for the singles groups. Shore excursions are also coordinated for the folks in the singles group. Cruise directors often may organize pre-cruise “meet and greets” and a private message board singles can use to meet each other before the cruise.

Just about all of the major cruise lines offer singles cruises. But the best way to find the right cruise for you and your friends is to go through a travel agency that specialises in locating and getting the best single cruise deals. There are a wide variety of itineraries from which to choose with different lengths.

You can find these cruises that are anywhere from 3 nights to 12 nights that sail to the western, eastern, or southern Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, and New England.

Whether you and a group of friends are thinking of taking a cruise or you can’t find anyone to cruise with but still want to go, singles cruises are the way to go. Singles love traveling with other singles and don’t want to be grouped with families or couples. Hook up with the people you want to, pass on those you don’t, stick with the group activities, or go take off on your own when feel like it.

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