Cruise holidays can be the perfect holiday type for groups for a number of different reasons. Cruises allow groups of friends or families to have the perfect balance of freedom and space, whilst also allowing them to come together during their evening meal or for drinks later afterwards.

Cruise holidays are perfect because they allow groups of people to share tours together during the day if they wish, but also give them the freedom to explore by themselves if they so desire. When you’re in a different port of call every day then there’s sure to be disagreements on what everyone wants to do and see, so it’s understandable that some groups would want to split up and go their separate ways during the day.

Dine With Your Own Kind!

If you wish to dine together at dinner with the people you’re travelling with, the staff are usually very helpful in attempting to accommodate your wishes.

It can be great to spend time apart from the group during the day, doing different activities, or seeing different places in ports of call, and then to meet up in the evening. It allows you to catch up with everyone and hear all the different stories of what people have seen and done during the day.

Groups are almost always able to book staterooms next to each other if they wish to be able to find each other easily. However, obviously this depends on the availability of staterooms at the time of booking.

However, if you don’t wish to be too close to the group you’re travelling with, it’s also easy enough to get a stateroom in another area or deck of the ship. Sometimes if you’re travelling together it’s also nice to have a little space!

Perfect for Families

Cruises are also perfect for groups of families who have teenagers and young adults travelling with them. Cruises offer a certain type of freedom that wouldn’t be afforded in holiday resorts on land.

Parents can allow their children more freedom, knowing that their children are always safe whilst they’re onboard. This means the children can go and hang out together giving them some relaxation time away from their parents, and of course parents can relax too! It’s the best of both worlds.

So, if you’re planning a group holiday for your next trip then maybe you should consider a cruise. There’s a type of cruise out there to suit everyone!

Thanks Emma