Cruise holidays were once only associated with middle-aged and older couples yet in today’s modern society cruises are becoming an increasingly popular choice with young families. With modern and exciting features and great children’s clubs cruise holidays are fast becoming the perfect holiday for all the family to enjoy.

On modern cruise ships there are huge variety of things for children to do to ensure that they have a fantastic time. Almost all cruise ships have dedicated children’s clubs which are split into age categories so that your children can mix with others of the same age. On most cruise lines there are dedicated activities for teenagers too, usually up to the age of 18.

Organised Activities

There is generally a dedicated area on board cruise ships where your children can go to meet other children, play and generally have a great time on holiday. These areas are supervised by dedicated children’s staff members who organise activities and events for your children to enjoy such as treasure hunts around the ship and sports and craft activities.

Some of the bigger ships have exciting features such as sports courts, water slides, rock climbing walls, games arcades and even a child only disco all of which are sure to keep them entertained.

Most cruise ships which offer activities such as a climbing wall will have dedicated time slots where it will be closed to other guests and only available for use by the children’s clubs in order to run competitions and group games which children are guaranteed to love.

Babysitting Services

Some cruise lines offer babysitting services in the evening where a qualified member of staff will look after your child or children whilst mum and dad enjoy a relaxing evening meal or a few drinks in one of the bars on board. This can be an invaluable service for a couple who wish to enjoy some precious time alone together.

The pools on board cruise ships are always a big attraction for children and it can be the perfect opportunity to relax with your children and enjoy your holiday with a few laps in the pool or join in some of the poolside games such as water polo and the belly flop competition.

There’s something to keep children of all ages entertained!

Thanks Emma