The port of Dover is only 80 miles from London and easy to get to from just about anywhere in the UK. For those who do fly in to London for their cruise, Dover is between 85 and 110 miles from any of London’s three busy airports. If you arrive a day before your cruise departs, you can spend that time exploring the many castles and fortresses that look out over the sea in and around Dover.

Dover is the second largest seaport in the UK and is fittingly called the “gateway to England”. More than 190,000 people each year begin their holiday from Dover. The major cruise lines that use the port of Dover are Fred Olsen, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises.

Cruises from Dover can take you to a Variety of Destinations

Cruises from Dover include destinations like Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, and Tunisia, and North America. An example itinerary of cruises from here to “the land of the midnight sun” include stops in Bergen, Norway, the Gateway to the Fjords; Murmansk, Russia; and Tromso, Norway with its amazing polar environment and glacial ridges.

Another popular itinerary from Dover cruise terminal is one that stays closer to home and covers a portion of the British Isles. After leaving Dover you can head directly north past the Orkneys to the Shetland Islands that are comprised of sharp cliffs, beautiful sandy bays and green meadows.

Scotland & Ireland

From here it is on to Edinburgh to explore this great historic city and then into the Atlantic to Belfast, Ireland. The “troubles” of Northern Ireland have calmed and Belfast is fast becoming a great destination for travelers. This style British Isles cruise can also includes forays into Dublin and the ancient city of Waterford.

If you enjoy a long cruise with time to relax and enjoy all the amenities on board your ship, there are cruises as long as 23 days that include Gibraltar, Spain; Sardinia; Kalamata, Greece as well as Athens and Volos; Istanbul, Turkey; stops in Malta and Tunisia; and Lisbon, Portugal on the return.

Another benefit of starting your holiday cruise from Dover is the opportunity to experience the spectacular view of the famous White Cliffs, which form 107 miles of this part of the British coastline.

They are 107 feet high and what better sight than watching this long-time symbol of British pride get smaller as you head out on one of the many exciting cruises from Dover or having this well-known landmark be the first thing you see when you return.

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