Think of the money you will save because you don’t have to pay for airfare to a port city not to mention avoiding the inconvenience of parking your car at the airport or going through airport security. Drive your care right to the pier from which your ship departs. Your car will be parked and your luggage taken aboard for you. What a relaxing way to start your holiday.

Cruises from UK can take you just about anywhere you might dream of going, from a short city break cruise that include places like Lisbon or Bergen in Norway. You can also book short hops around Great Britain to enjoy the sites of cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Invergordon.

Southampton may be the busiest port in the UK and most of the best cruise lines run cruises from here. The major destinations for cruises out of this port are the Norwegian Fjords, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, and the Canary Islands. But there are cruises that go to farther away and to more exotic destinations like the South Pacific and the U.S. and Canada.

Other ports that offer Cruises from UK

· Dover – This port is one of the most modern in the UK and offer the advantage of being able to see the beauty of the White Cliffs are you depart. A cruise from here might take you into the Mediterranean to Monaco and Monte Carlo or to Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

· Edinburgh – The Port of Leih here is one of Scotland’s largest ports and is only 3 miles from the city centre. One of the most popular cruise destinations from this port is Scandinavia.

· Portsmouth – This port is in the south of England but is easily accessible by train or car from the north. From Portsmouth cruises sail the Mediterranean to places like Egypt and Libya. Other destinations include the Baltic countries, the Caribbean, and Iceland and Greenland.

· Newcastle – The waterfront at the port in Newcastle has been remodeled and offers public art displays and restaurants to help you pass the time before your cruise departs. Cruises from UK that depart from Newcastle include the Scandinavian countries. Departing from here rather than the ports in the south of England can save you almost a full day at sea.

Most smaller lines that offer cruises from UK ports depart from Hull, Liverpool, London, Glasgow, and Harwich. The major cruise lines like Celebrity, Cunard, Fred Olsen, P & O, and Royal Caribbean generally sail from Dover and Southampton.

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