You can choose a seven or twelve day cruise and see so many different places – places you may not see on a land-based holiday in Norway.

Norwegian cruises are unlike most cruises in that you are seldom out of sight of land and that land includes some of the most beautiful and spectacular coastlines in the world. Explore the fjords of Norway’s west coast that cut into the rugged mountains and offer views of waterfalls and quaint old villages. Many cruises to Norway include the North Cape on their itineraries, which is only 1000 miles from the North Pole.

Many Norwegian Cruises depart from UK ports

Cruising is one of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of Norway. Many Norwegian cruises leave directly from UK ports, making it convenient for UK citizens to enjoy these cruises without having to fly to another city.

There are also plenty of sailings from within Norway as well. Cruise lines that offer Norway cruises are Cunard, Fred Olsen, Holland America Line, P & O Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Hurtigruten, a Norway-based company. They have departures every day from Bergen and Kirkenes that have 34 port calls.

These Famous Ports

· Oslo – Some cruises offer excursions on the scenic Bergensbanen mountain train when in Oslo. This train goes through the Hardangervidda National Park where you can see the Flam Valley and its waterfalls, rivers, and mountain peaks.

· Fjaerland Fjord – A stop here offers a visit to the Boyabreen glacier and a chance to wander through the Glacier Museum in Fjaerland.

· Bergen – If your cruise takes you to Bergen you can enjoy sightseeing tours of this city that is the capital of the fjord district in Norway.

· Flaam – This village is at the very end of one of the fjords and is surrounded by steep mountain walls. Here you can take a train through the mountains to see the breathtaking scenery.

· Aalesund – This town dates back to the 9th century and was once a Viking base. Its main attraction, as with most of the ports on a Norway cruise is the beauty of the mountains and fjords.

· Olden – This is a very common port of call for cruise ships for the excursions to two enormous glaciers, Kjenndal and Briksdal.

The entire fjord district is on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its amazing scenery. Norwegian fjords cruises offer one dramatic port after another. Norway is the perfect place for a relaxing cruise holiday.

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