This combined with the chance to experience some of the most interesting and beautiful archeological treasures of the world make Red Sea cruises a great choice for a cruise holiday. What better way to get away from the cold and dreary winter weather than to soak up the warm winter sun in the Red Sea plus take in some of the world’s most fascinating historical sites.

The Red Sea at the north forms the Sinai Peninsula and extends 1000 miles south to hook up with the Indian Ocean near Yemen. This little bit of paradise offers things like the resort towns of El Gouna and Eliat and great scuba diving at Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh. The Sudan is known for its many reefs that are perfect for snorkeling.

When not enjoying the beaches and the ocean you can visit the monuments of the Nile Valley like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx and the amazing ancient city of Petra in Jordan, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Petra was reference in the Dead Sea Scrolls and discovered again in 1812.

Many Red Sea Cruises are packaged to include a Hotel Stay

The cruise lines that offer Red Sea holidays are Costa Cruises, Voyages of Discovery, Regent Seven Seas and Thomson Cruises. You can fly into places like Cairo and begin your cruise from there or book a longer cruise that begins in the UK. Some of the cruises are even cruise and stay cruises that include overnight stays along the way and at the end of your cruise and include more excursions at these spots.

An example itinerary for Red Sea cruises might begin in Cairo and end in Amman, Jordan. Ports of call and excursions along the way may include:

· A full one-day excursion from Ein El Sokhna in Egypt to the Monasteries of Anthony and St. Paul. They are located in the Arab Desert between the Nile and the Red Sea. They are two of the oldest monasteries in Egypt.

· After a day of cruising, a port call at Safaga allows for time to visit Luxor and the Karnak Temples and the famous Luxor Temple. This excursion usually includes a night’s stay in Luxor before returning to your ship.

· In Sharm El Sheikh there are more visits to ancient and fascinating monasteries on the itinerary on one day and then a day of swimming and snorkeling the next.

· The cruise disembarks in Aqaba, Jordan with a three-day stay to enjoy jeep excursions; a trip to see a Bedouin village; and a long excursion to Petra to explore the ancient city and its Roman structures like the Theater, Tombs, and the Courthouse.

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