The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland and a cruise to this region will let you see just how the sea has formed the landscape of these countries. These countries are a natural for cruising. Not only can you see their beautiful coastlines including the fjords, but you can also experience some of the most amazing cities in northern Europe.

The Scandinavian cruise season runs from May to August and cruises are available from most European countries that have ocean access as well as from North America.

You won’t find many cruises to Scandinavia in the winter months because of the freezing temperatures. However, there are a few available for the hardy and the most popular of these is a cruise to see the Northern Lights and celebrate the winter solstice. On one of these cruises you can enjoy solstice festivals in small towns that are located near the Arctic Circle.

Scandinavian Cruises are naturally more popular in the Summer

Naturally, the cruises in the summer season are more popular. Many people who want to see Scandinavia choose a cruise over a land-based holiday to save the expense of hotels and dining out. Scandinavian cruises are good value and with the right deal can be more affordable than moving from hotel to hotel and eating each meal in local restaurants.

Some of the more popular itineraries for Scandinavian cruises and the cruise lines that offer them are:

· Cruise and Maritime Voyages offer cruises from Tilbury London that cover other northern European stops as well as the Scandinavian countries.

· Norwegian Coastal Voyage cruises concentrate on cruises around Norway that include smaller ferry trip excursions around the small islands of Norway.

· P&O offer cruises to Scandinavia that include Northern Europe, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and the fjords of Norway.

If you are looking for a cruise that sticks strictly to a Scandinavian itinerary, Holland America offers several. Some are cruises to Amsterdam and Rotterdam that have ports of call in several Norway towns, and in Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland.

· Stockholm – The capital of Sweden is a city made up of 14 islands. It has a 700-year history and some of its attractions include the historic old town called Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace on the waterfront. It also boasts the world’s oldest completely preserved ship, the Vasa, that was built in the 17th century as a warship.

· Helsinki – A shore excursion into Finland’s capital features a guided tour of the city where you will see the Temppeliaukio Church. This amazing church was carved and blasted from granite and then topped off with a copper dome. It is one of the world’s most unusual pieces of architectures.

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