I’ve sailed on many different ships- small, medium, and large, and often found myself debating with other cruise fans, what size of cruise ship we each believe to be best, and why. Something I’ve noticed that many people often note, is that sometimes the larger the ship is, the less personal it can feel.

The largest cruise ship which exists in the world (at the moment!) can hold more than 5,000 people at a time, meaning that you are unlikely to meet the same people on-board more than once or twice.

So Many People

There are so many people aboard that it can mean you will meet someone on day one, and never see them again for the remainder of your time on-board. This is attractive to some people, who don’t particularly wish to make new friends or keep seeing the same people while they are on holiday.

Personally, I think meeting new people and the overall friendly atmosphere of a cruise ship is one of the best things about cruising. I love chatting to new people over dinner, in a bar, around the pool deck or even just in a queue to embark or disembark the ship.

Another thing many people have noted is the less personal touches that exist from the staff members on-board larger cruise ships. Obviously, you will have the same stateroom attendant to clean your cabin and attend to any needs you might have.

This doesn’t change on a big ship, but it is less likely that you will get to know the same members of staff in other areas of the ship as the crew is so large and constantly changing.

Losing The Personal Touch

This means that the little personal touches, such as knowing your favourite drink after a few visits to the same bar, are far less likely. It is those little touches that can often make or break your cruise holiday, I think.

Overall, I think that the size of ship you opt for depends on what your expectations from your cruise holiday are. After cruising a few times, and on a few different sizes of ships, you’ll quickly learn both what you like and dislike in a ship, and what size of ship suits your needs best. After eleven cruises, I’ve found that medium size ships work best for me- not too big, and not too small. Perfect!

Thanks Emma