No I don’t mean the cruise company but the Brazilian fiesta!

Brazil’s annual carnival, which is traditionally held 46 days before Easter, attracts visitors from all over the world and many cruise lines sail to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil specifically to allow its guests to experience the magic of the carnival. No other city in the world can boast of such a hedonistic, passionate and exciting event, which brings normal city life to a complete standstill.

The carnival is a non-stop six day event and massive crowds follow floats around the city of Rio de Janeiro singing, dancing and partying. During the carnival, which is definitely the most famous holiday in Brazil, the majority of workers have the entire duration of the carnival off work in order to allow them to enjoy the opulence and excess that it brings. It’s basically bigger than Christmas!

Samba Schools

Samba schools lead parades through the city and bright and eye catching costumes in an array of colours and fabrics are worn by the performers. Most of the performers wear large headdresses and sparkly clothing, and different groups of people will attempt to out-do each other with the most lavish and excessive outfits.

The samba schools are generally very large groups and they all compete in a competition, in the aptly titled Sambadrome, until a winner is declared. The samba schools decide on a new theme every year and the performer’s outfits and their music are chosen in accordance with the theme. They are judged on their music, outfits, theme and overall performance, and it is always very hotly contested.

Street Bands

Street Carnival Bands, of which there are more than 400, parade in sections of the city playing different music and attempting to attract attention. This means that there is generally no section of the city left untouched by the magic of the carnival. The music and party atmosphere is literally everywhere.

The huge attraction of the carnival around the world means that hotel rooms can often be anything up to four times their normal rates during the carnival, so visiting on a cruise would allow you to still experience the event, without paying an extortionate amount on a hotel.

If you wish to be part of the carnival, and enjoy the delights of the performances, music and partying then experiencing it on a cruise holiday is surely the perfect way to do it.

Thanks Emma