Gibraltar, is part of the United Kingdom, despite being located within continental Europe and sharing a border with Spain. It has a land area of less than three square miles and functions as a small slice of Great Britain within the Mediterranean. Gibraltar has been a British colony since the beginning of the 18th century and the people who reside here are mostly very happy with that.

Everything in Gibraltar is surprisingly British, except the weather. It enjoys mild winters and warm, dry summers which definitely sets it apart from the overwhelmingly damp and dreary British climate. Other than that, Gibraltar’s currency is the British pound and British traditions and favourites can be found in pubs, restaurants and shops within the area.

Rock Of Gibraltar 

Gibraltar’s most famous attraction is the Rock of Gibraltar which consists of limestone rising imposingly high above the surrounding landscape. The upper area of the rock, which can is easily accessible by bus, is a nature reserve which is home to more than 200 Barbary Macaques, a type of ape.

Whilst these apes may look adorable and harmless, visitors are warned not to take any food to the top of the rock or to allow them access to your personal belongings.

I found this out when I visited and one of the apes had gone into a woman’s unattended bag, grabbed her passport and thrown it off the rock and completely out of reach. Let’s just say I wouldn’t have liked to have been in her position when she had to explain that story to the embassy!

St Michael’s Cave

St Michael’s Cave is another of Gibraltar’s famous attractions and is well known for its beautiful formations in the rock, and a deep underground lake. Within the cave there is a stage, where concerts are performed regularly and attract performers from around the world.

One of the fascinating sights in Gibraltar is the airport, which has a major road running through the airstrip. The road connects Gibraltar with Spain and when planes are taking off or landing the traffic and pedestrians are prevented from using the road. From atop the Rock of Gibraltar it is easy to see cars and people waiting patiently as planes come in to land below you. It’s definitely a very unique sight!

Thanks Emma