Most larger and more modern cruise ships today have a designated shopping area, almost like a mini mall, on-board. In general, the bigger the ship is the more shops there will be for you to peruse.

Cruise ship shops are only open when the ship is sailing, usually from about an hour after the ship leaves port and begins sailing. This is because depending on where cruise ships are registered, they can offer products tax or duty free, which makes them much cheaper than what you could buy at home.

Prices are Good!

This obviously depends on where you live, but coming from the UK this is generally true if I embark on an American owned cruise company, where the prices are in American Dollars rather than in Pounds Sterling. If that is the case then products are a lot cheaper.

I find if I’m cruising on a ship where prices are in American Dollars then the cosmetics products are often almost 50% cheaper than what you could buy on the high street in the UK. This means that it is definitely a good time to stock up on your make-up essentials, ladies!

There are also shops which store the essentials such as toothpaste, books, hairbrushes and batteries- all of those little things that you need, but could easily forget to pack in your suitcase. As well as a shop full of essentials, there will also usually be a watch and jewellery shop, a clothes shop, and a liquor and cigarette shop to allow you to buy items to take home.

Watches, Jewellery and more….

Also, most cruise ships generally have different promotions on different days of the cruise. Sometimes there are days where watches will have a certain discount, or a certain brand of clothes, jewellery or handbags will have a certain percentage off.

There are usually only a limited number of each item though, as obviously a cruise ship doesn’t have unlimited storage space! This means products are bought on a first come, first served basis so if you have your eye on a particular piece you have to get there fast to ensure you get it.

The great prices of products on-board cruise ships can make it the perfect place to buy gifts for loved ones at home, or even just souvenirs or treats for yourself to remind you of your fabulous cruise holiday when you get back home to reality.

Thanks Emma