A luxurious cruise ship transporting you effortlessly to different idyllic beach locations sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it? Well that’s what awaits you if you decide to take a Caribbean cruise holiday.

Here, the white sandy beaches and shimmering crystal blue waters are framed by lush palm trees, creating a scene worthy of a postcard.

Perfectly, unspoilt sandy beaches await you at the majority of the destinations in the Caribbean. Most of the ports of call in the Caribbean are blessed with waters so indescribably clear that they’re perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving in the reefs, or just having a relaxing swim.

A Great Choice of Activities

Many activities such as kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, catamaran cruises, dolphin watching and so many more are available in a huge number of the Caribbean’s cruise ports.

Places such as Puerto Costa Maya in Mexico and Bridgetown, Barbados offer shore excursions which allow passengers the chance to dive down into the waters and explore abandoned shipwrecks and the different types of marine life that now inhabit them.

Cruises which stop in Jamaica, one of the largest of the 7,000 Caribbean islands, offer guests the chance to visit Dunn’s River Falls- a stunning collection of ever changing waterfalls. Here, you can climb 600 feet of the cascading falls and enjoy the stunning views. Definitely an experience to remember!

The Caribbean also offers a lot more than just picture-perfect island settings. The islands also have incredibly rich cultures and tradition in abundance. Many different languages are spoken throughout the Caribbean and a large number of the people descend from indigenous tribes.

Most of these cruise ports will have shore excursions available which will allow you to get to know the different cultures that exist in these areas.

San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico has the biggest Spanish citadel in the world and it has many interesting architectural features such as the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. Add this to the gorgeous tropical beaches and great weather and you have something resembling paradise.

Of course, if you’re on your cruise holiday simply looking to relax and recharge your batteries in the sunshine then there’s always the option of simply lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing. Either way, there’s sure to be something in the vibrant Caribbean that appeals to you and your travelling companions.

Thanks Emma