It’s no exaggeration to say that cruise ship spa experiences can be just as good, and sometimes even better, than spas on land. Most cruise ships have spas on-board where you can go to relax and treat yourself while you are on holiday.

Many of us simply don’t have time to pamper ourselves while we are at home because of the pressures of work, family life and everything else that we have to do, so your holiday can be the perfect time to relax and luxuriate.

From traditional spa treatments such as pedicures, manicures, hot stone treatments and massages to more modern treatments such as oxygen facials, teeth whitening and facial peels, there is usually a massive variety to choose from.

Fantastic views whilst you relax

Cruise ship spas are usually designed with aesthetics in mind and, as such, the treatment rooms and relaxation areas often offer stunning views out to sea if you are sailing, or of the port the ship is in. What could be more relaxing than being pampered whilst gazing out at a stunning view.

Cruise ship spas can be a little bit more expensive than spas that you would visit at home, I guess the cruise companies can afford to charge more because there’s no other place for you to go instead. There are often some very good offers on for the days when the ship is in port, and most passengers will be on land sightseeing and exploring.

If you’re not planning to get off the ship in a particular port for whatever reason it can be worth checking if there are any special offers on in the spa.

Pampering yourself whilst getting a good bargain is definitely a good combination! One tip, is that if you plan to have a spa treatment on a day at sea, then book it at the very beginning of your cruise holiday, as these appointments are always very popular and spaces fill up very quickly.

Ready For Your Big Night

A great idea on a formal dress evening is to treat yourself to a facial, or have your make up done professionally, and then visit the on-board hairdressers to ensure you are looking perfect for a big night on-board.

Spas are also the perfect place to relax on-board, as they are so quiet and peaceful, it can feel like you and your spa therapist are the only two people on the ship!

Thanks Emma