On my recent cruise on board Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas I visited the beautiful city of Split, Croatia for the first time. Like Dubrovnik the oldest part of the city is surrounded by think walls, built to protect it from invasion and damage. It has a Palace, Cathedral, plenty of cafés, restaurants and an abundance of shops- there is something in Split to attract everyone.

The modern, wide street at the harbour area of the city is a great place to relax in a café and have a refreshing drink and something to eat. The cafes in this area of the city are surprisingly inexpensive and there’s a great atmosphere and lovely view.

Cathedral of Saint Dominus

The Cathedral of Saint Dominus and its impressive bell tower serve as one of the main icons of the city. You can climb the one hundred and eighty steps to the top of the bell tower for just €2.50 and the panoramic views of the city are definitely worth the climb.

From inside the tower you can see every side of the city and appreciate the beauty of the terracotta roofs contrasting against the bright blue sky. The area around the Cathedral can be very crowded, especially in the busy summer months, so once you’ve admired the Cathedral I recommend getting away from the bustle of this area.

The streets of the city are very interesting and ever changing. Away from the main tourist areas of the city the streets are smaller and narrower and much less crowded. Some have small shops with unique items and gifts to take home to family and loved ones, or just to treat yourself. There’s also some great small restaurants and cafés here too. They are mostly smaller and more personal than the ones on the front.

Amazing Ice Cream Places

There are also some amazing ice cream places in the city. Despite Italy being the most famous place in the world for gelato, I’ve had some delicious ice cream in Croatia, and Split in particular. And after the climb up the one hundred and eighty steps of the bell tower in the blistering summer heat I think I definitely deserved it!

I really enjoyed my time in Split and found that the city had so much to offer, both historical sights, good food and an excellent café culture. I’d love to return to Split in the future and explore it more.

Thanks Emma