It’s been a long winter and it’s definitely time to shake off the cold weather and the warm clothes and get ready for summer with a cruise holiday to an exciting spring destination. So, where are some of the best areas to cruise to this spring…


As those of us in the northern hemisphere approach summer, those in Australia and the rest of the southern hemisphere are heading into winter. If you visit in spring you’ll enjoy the Australian autumn, which still has warm temperatures, without being too warm for walking around and sightseeing.

There are cruise ports in many of Australia’s great cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and the smaller Whitsunday Islands. In Melbourne you can explore The Great Ocean Road in a day, in Sydney you can admire the impressive Opera House and climb the Harbour Bridge, there’s something in Australia to suit everyone.

Repositioning Cruises

As the seasons change many cruise ships move from the Caribbean or South America to Europe and repositioning cruises can often be fantastic value. They usually have a large number of days and nights at sea, due to the fact they have a long distance to cover.

This is perfect if you really just want to enjoy the features on board your cruise ship and really relax and unwind. It can be great for those who have hectic lives and really want to completely unplug and recharge their batteries during their holiday time.

The Netherlands

Spring is the perfect time to take a river or canal cruise through The Netherlands. After a cool winter The Netherlands begins to thaw out and enjoy comfortable spring temperatures and longer, sunnier days.

Spring is also the time when the flowers, particularly the tulips, bloom in The Netherlands and the country becomes awash with colour. The world’s largest floral display takes place in Keukenhof Gardens around 40 minutes from the vibrant city of Amsterdam. It’s a wonderful sight to see hundreds of acres of fields covered in all the different colours of the rainbow.

There are over 7 million tulip, hyacinth and the tulips are in bloom in Keukenhof Gardens from the end of March until the middle of May and are definitely worth the trip.

So, now you know the best cruises and areas to travel to this spring, what’s stopping you from booking that perfect spring getaway?

Thanks Emma