I love cruising; there are so many great things about being on a cruise. Here are some of my favourite things that I love about cruise holidays.

Visiting New Places

By far the best thing about cruise holidays is waking up in a new port of call almost every day. What could be better than exploring one exciting port one day then getting back on your luxurious cruise liner for dinner and a relaxing evening on board and then waking up in another exciting port the next day? The best part of all is you only have to unpack once!


I’ve written before on this blog about the multitude of dining choices on cruise ships and it’s one of my favourite reasons to cruise. The food is always delicious and there’s enough choice to although I always leave my holiday with my clothes far more snug than they were when I arrived, it’s always worth every bite.


Taking a walk around the top deck of the ship whilst sailing between ports is something I love doing. My favourite feeling is looking out to sea and not being able to see any land nearby at all, just miles and miles of nothing but water. It makes me remember just how small I am within the world and I always marvel at the simplistic beauty of the blue waters against the blue of the sky.


There are so many activities and events to attend on board that it can be hard to fit everything in. My favourites are always cooking demonstrations, dance classes, live music and any talks given on the running of the ship.

On certain sailings there are talks given by the ship’s officers on the finer details of what happens behind the scenes on the ship’s bridge and stories of how they manage to steer giant ships into small ports.

These are just a few of my favourite things to do while on a cruise holiday. What are your favourites?

Thanks Emma