Whilst I was on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise with Royal Caribbean on board the Grandeur of the Seas earlier this year I visited a number of different ports of call. I was surprised that Montenegrin city Kotor was my favourite port of call of the whole trip.

To get to Kotor the ship had to sail down the bay of Kotor, which is actually a ria. The sail down the bay of Kotor feels exactly like sailing down one of the Scandanavian fiords. It was an absolutely breath-taking sail, and I was treated to some of the most picturesque views of my life.

At certain points it looked like the ship wouldn’t be able to fit down the narrow channel, but we made it there safe and sound after a relaxing sail. Try to ensure you get a good spot on the deck for the sail into Kotor, and don’t forget your camera because the views are to die for!

Time To Explore The City

On the slow sail down the ria the steep hills changed from being covered in lush green trees and bushes to more rocky and bare, and the contrasts were stunning. The turquoise water was so calm, and the only slight waves were created by the wake of the ship edging ever closer to the city.

After the stunning sail, I was ready to get off the ship and begin exploring the city. Kotor has so much history and it’s very obvious as soon as you arrive. To enter the city you have to walk through gates in the old city walls which were originally built by the Venetians.

They were constructed in order to protect the city from potential invasions and the walls climb high up into the steep hillsides. You can follow the path along the walls and walk up into the hills. The views from the top over the city and the bay are absolutely beautiful, and well worth the climb!

The Streets of Kotor

The streets of Kotor are all different. Some are narrow and winding and others are spacious and lined with lovely boutique shops. There are many cafés and restaurants within the oldest part of the city where you can enjoy Montenegrin cuisine and drinks.

Kotor was definitely one of the best places I visited on my Eastern Mediterranean cruise, and had some of the most wonderful scenery I’ve ever been lucky enough to see. I’m desperate to go back to Montenegro and explore more of this wonderful country.

Thanks Emma