Cruise holidays are a perfect getaway for many special occasions such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries and group meetings.

They are also a great way to reconnect with family members that live elsewhere and don’t see each other that often. Most people have such fast-paced lives that it is so easy to lose connections with extended members of the family. One solution to gaining that extra time together is to seek out a cruise holiday and have a fun filled get together.

Less Expensive By Sea!

Not only are cruises affordable for those with any budget, they can be a lot less expensive than taking trips on land.

The savings of a what will be a mostly inclusive holiday that includes not only accommodations but meals, onboard entertainment, activities and children’s programs. Depending on the size of the group, cruise lines tend to sweeten the incentives.

The ports of call that are on offer should entice anyone for this once in a lifetime family outing.

How do you go about arranging a family reunion onboard a ship? Here are some tips to follow for those that want to organise a family reunion cruise in the near future.

Become a group leader

One member of the family will have to serve as an organiser for the trip. Things are slightly easier for an organiser as they will be the one who has direct contact exclusively with the cruise agent.

Keep in contact with family members through the internet

Instead of making calls to all those in the family unit, the best way to get in touch with many of them is by setting up a private page on Facebook called ‘family reunion’. This way everyone can place their feedback through the site’s page. The page will also allow a true feedback on the interest and give an estimate of how many would participate and confirm that they will join in.

Plan ahead

It’s always a good idea to start preparing for things well ahead of time and sometimes, you should start planning at least a year in advance. While this may seem like a very long time, planning early can get some advantages such as a reduced cabin rate and good dining times and other perks.


It’s impossible to try and please every single family member but it’s a good idea to look up what each port of call has to offer for everyone. Every country you visit will have fascinating areas. Keep your family’s ideals and interests in mind. A children’s club onboard most ships will allow the adults to tour, whilst younger ones will socialise with their peers and remain safe onboard.

Discuss details with agent

After narrowing down the cruise line that is suitable for the family, work with a cruise specialist. Mention everything that they need to know in the booking details such as the number of rooms and have them book it with the cruise line as soon as possible. Be sure to read through any cancellation charges if your family has to back out at the last minute.

Keep family informed

Even with the technological advancements of a Facebook page, you should always try to email individuals at least once a week so that they remain in the loop at all times.

Compile all of the details about the sailing. Discuss key items such as a tour in port or specialty dining. Let them feel as though they are part of the process by considering any input they have.

Get some extra volunteers if needed

It can be extremely stressful for one individual to do all of the work on their own. Obtain the services of a few other family members to assist in certain segments. Perhaps one member should be in charge of negotiation in order to get the best price for the trip, whilst another can work out the ship tours. The leader should excel at communicating with other family members if designating these duties.

Final reminders

Make sure that everyone has all of their important items ready to pack such as passports before leaving. Before you know it, they will be spending quality time with their family and enjoying an adventure and memories to cherish for many years.