Barcelona is without a doubt one of my favourite cruise ports within Europe. It’s a large, vibrant and multi-faceted city with something to offer every visitor to the city.

Barcelona has had a bit of a bad reputation in recent years with regards to pick pockets and thieves.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Barcelona close to ten times and have never ever had a problem with pick pockets or anything sinister. It pays to keep your bags, purses, wallets, cameras and other valuables under tight reign whilst you are in the city though.

Keep bags to the front where you can always keep an eye on them and always have bags and pockets zipped up to deter potential thieves. Use common sense and be aware and you’ll more than likely be just fine. It’s definitely not something to put you off visiting this wonderful city.

View the Striking Architecture

Barcelona is world famous for its striking and interesting architecture, and the man who began work on the Sagrada Famillia, Antonio Gaudi’s influence is everywhere.

From Park Güell where you can enjoy green space within the city limits to modernist building Casa Batlló which is covered in intricate mosaic works, Gaudi lives on in the city.

The fact that the Sagrada Famillia’s multiple towers are one of the highest and most imposing structures in the city means his impact upon Barcelona simply cannot be ignored.

One of my favourite parts of the city is the Barri Gotic, or the Gothic Quarter. In this area of the city there are small, winding streets leading to beautiful, open squares which are peppered with cafés, restaurants and bars.

Cafés in squares in this area of the city are the perfect spot to relax and do some serious people watching as there is such a mixture of all different types of people in the city.

Barcelona Has a Beach Too!

The area around the beach in Barcelona is another place I love to explore. This area has a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere which is perfect for visitors who just want to enjoy their cruise holiday experience. There are also some wonderful seafood restaurants in this area serving delicious freshly caught delicacies.

If you’re a fan of sports then Barcelona will definitely appeal to you with almost certainly the best football team in the world calling this city home.

Take a tour of their huge stadium the Camp Nou and find out why they are deemed to be ‘mes que un club’ or more than a club. The Catalan people are fiercely proud of their football team and understanding this will give you a deeper understanding of the city and its people.

Thanks Emma