If you’re looking for somewhere a little different to get married, and aren’t necessarily interested in having a big, lavish wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance, then you could consider embarking on a cruise holiday and saying your marriage vows at sea. You could enjoy a wonderful, elegant ceremony on board a cruise ship with none of the stresses of big a wedding on land.

One of the best things about getting married on a cruise holiday is that there is very little planning work for you to do before the big day. Instead of spending many hours of your time planning a big ceremony, you could pick the simpler option and decide to get married at sea.

It’s important to remember that weddings are about the commitment two people are making to one another and not really about putting on a big show for every member of your extended family.

Another massive benefit of getting married at sea is that as soon as the ceremony ends, you’re already on your honeymoon!

Enjoy The Experience!

The cruise companies which offer weddings at sea will usually provide you with a dedicated wedding planner who is in charge of taking care of the finer details of your wedding for you. This is perfect because it allows you to concentrate on what really matters – enjoying the experience!

Normally your cruise company will provide most of the details and items that you may want in order to make your day special.

The ship’s florists can create beautiful bouquets to compliment the colour scheme of the wedding, personalised menus can be created for your first meal as a married couple and roses and champagne can be waiting for you in your stateroom for a romantic night after the ceremony. All the details can be taken care of so that you can simply relax and enjoy your big day.

Great Value

Weddings at sea can also be far better value for money than today’s weddings on land. Most cruise companies offer exclusive discounts for the couple getting married, and their wedding party on the price of the cruise. Many cruise lines will also offer a complimentary cabin upgrade for the bride and groom, which would surely be a great way to begin married life!

Does getting married on a cruise holiday sound like the perfect wedding day to you? Why not look into the options available for getting married at sea today and enjoy a beautiful, simple ceremony with your closest friends and family around you.

Thanks Emma