Cruise holidays combine beautiful scenery full of crashing waves, glittering water and beaming sunshine to create the perfect backdrop for the holiday of a lifetime. But what of the downtime between port visits?

The beauty of a cruise holiday is that they allow holidaymakers to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. From the tropical waters of the Caribbean to the icy shores of Alaska, majestic landscapes pass by in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colourful scenery.

While days spent in port allow travellers to visit the sites and explore some of the local culture, the lazy days spent relaxing on the cruise ship are as much a part of this wonderful holiday experience.

The cruise ships of today do not compare well to those of the past – luckily! While days of rough weather often used to cause sea sickness and discomfort, today cruise ships can be better compared to floating five star luxury hotels.

What this means is that, on top of stability in most types of weather, world class amenities and restaurants offering gourmet meals, there are dozens of activities (free and paid) for holidaymakers to enjoy. Both activities and facilities are second to none: from sun decks and loungers, to swimming pools, concerts, and theme nights, cruise ships offer some of the highest levels of entertainment available.

Examples of cruise ship activities include the following:

Dancing lessons: most ships offer free lessons – a great chance to try out something new without having to pay a hefty fee. From line-dancing to a sultry tango or a classic waltz, having two left feet just doesn’t matter. Just kick back, get your dancing shoes on, and twirl with the best of them!

Giant Wii Battles: whether it’s on the enormous, two-storey screen offered by the Norwegian Cruise Line or simply the wide screens available elsewhere, playing virtual boxing, tennis or bowling with an audience to view your winnings is an experience a million times more fun than playing at home.

Surf’s Up!: the majority of cruise ships have a series of swimming and wave pools for holidaymakers to enjoy. Take a break from plunging in and out of the glistening pool water under the beaming sun to ride the waves on a surf or boogie board.

This is another thing that is ideal for complete novices to the sport – with no fees to pay and the comfort of being surrounded by friends and family, even embarrassing yourself with humiliating falls and fails can be enormous fun.

Be Waited Upon

Be Waited Upon: cruise liner staff are specially trained to wait on your every whim, and oftentimes lounging on the sun decks or by the pool with the knowledge that your next drink – be it a summertime cocktail, a milkshake, or milk and cookies – can turn an adventure holiday into a luxurious one.

Cruise holidays are amongst the most lavish ones you can take. Abseiling, swimming, surfing – the list of on-boat activities goes on. Alongside this are pampering days, spa days, couples massages and a whole host of other luxury events to ensure complete and utter relaxation.

Add to the mix a series of fabulously entertaining shows, concerts, gigs and movies for your viewing pleasure and you will find one of the most well rounded ‘package’ holiday deals.

Thanks Emma

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