I always find myself forgetting silly little things when I’m packing but there’s a few things I won’t leave without. Here’s a few of my best tips on what not to forget when packing for your next cruise holiday.


These are the summer holiday staple. Even if you are not embarking on a cruise in summer, the glare from the sea when you are sailing can be enough to make you wish you had your sunnies on to protect your eyes.


Layers are important on any type of cruise, even summer ones. When you have a day at sea, it can be much windier than on land, thus causing it to appear cooler if you are sitting or walking along the outside decks. Don’t forget your sunscreen too – the sun is always more intense at sea.


Always check out what the plug outlets are on-board before you leave home. Depending on where the ship was built, and where it sails most of the time, it will have according plug outlets and voltages. If you check before you leave home and pack the necessary adaptors, it can save you frantically hunting the shops in the first port, or paying over the odds on the ship for an adaptor in order to charge your phone or digital camera.

A Good Book(s)

On days at sea there’s nothing better than sitting on the deck reading a good book and enjoying the sunshine whilst the ship eats up the miles between you and your next port of call.

Appropriate Clothes for Dinner

Always check what the dress code is for dinner on your chosen ship. Some ships are more formal than others, so packing the right clothes will ensure you get it right. If you’re sailing on a ship that has some formal evenings, be sure to check the number, and pack the corresponding number of outfits. There’s nothing worse than realising you’re underdressed for dinner.


If you’re travelling on a ship that has sports courts, a rock climbing wall or other similar activities on offer then be sure to pack your trainers so you can take part.

I’ve gone away without trainers before and seriously regretted it when I wasn’t able to scale the heights of the climbing wall! Comfortable walking shoes, such as trainers, are also a must when you’re spending hours exploring new ports of call and doing large amounts of walking to ensure your feet don’t suffer.

Thanks Emma