As I’ve been lucky enough to have cruised many times before, I’m often asked by other people what I think is the best time to book a cruise holiday in order to get a bit of a bargain. My biggest piece of advice is either to book really early, or else leave it until the last minute.

Most cruise lines release their cruise itineraries well over a year in advance of the actual date of sailing. If you have a particular date in mind, perhaps to celebrate a birthday, or an anniversary or if you are limited to the dates you can travel because of work or other commitments, then I’d advise you to book as early as possible.

Early Bird Deals

Cruise companies often offer very significant ‘early bird’ booking deals, which can save you a large amount of money compared to the price you would pay six months before the date of departure for example. Some cruise lines even offer deals such as ‘free flights’ to meet your cruise ship.

Another benefit of booking early is that you get the best choice of cabins available, and are able to choose which dining option you prefer, without fear of a waiting list.

Be Flexible on Dates to get the best Prices

If however, you can be flexible with the dates which you can travel on, leaving it as late as possible can mean you can enjoy some great last minute deals.

Most cruise companies offer some amazing deals, such as balcony cabins or suites for the price of an inside cabin, if they haven’t been filled around a week or so before the date of departure. If you’re lucky enough to be able to leave at the drop of a hat and aren’t set on a particular itinerary or destination, then this is the perfect option.

One of the most important tips I can give you is that if you have your eye on a specific cruise, and haven’t been able to book very early to get a good deal, don’t leave it until the very last minute as the cruise may sell out and you’ll be left sorely disappointed.

If you have your heart set on a particular cruise and you don’t want to risk leaving it until the last minute to book in case it sells out, then it’s probably better to pay the extra to ensure you get the cruise you want.

Thanks Emma