When it comes to dining on board there are so many different options that it can be difficult to decide what to do. Generally when you are booking your cruise holiday, whether online or through a travel agent you will be asked which seating you prefer.

Most large ships offer two different seating times which are generally around 6.30 and 8.30. At this time you will also normally be asked which table size you wish for. On some ships there is also the opportunity of ‘My Time’ dining or ‘Any time’ dining which means you are not tied to a specific time and can simply go do dinner when you are ready.

I Opt For The Late Sitting

When I’m asked these questions I opt for the later seating as it allows more time to go ashore and explore different ports of call without worrying about rushing back for dinner.

I also opt for the largest table size available as I love sitting with other passengers and hearing stories about what they have done ashore that day. It also allows you to meet other passengers and you can even become great friends over the course of your holiday.

Anytime dining is a good option for anyone who wishes not be constrained to a certain time and perhaps doesn’t want to sit with the same group of people every evening. It could also be good for larger groups of friends or families if they wish to all dine together some evenings and in smaller groups on other evenings. Anytime dining allows a sense of freedom over what time you wish to eat at.

On many ships there are often speciality restaurants which can be a great place to spend an evening or two if you wish for a change of scenery from the main dining area and are perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

The Service and Food was Amazing

My favourite speciality restaurant was on P&O’s Azura and was called Sindhu – a creation by famous Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar. The service and food was amazing and if you’re travelling on this ship then I highly recommend it.

There is also the option to eat dinner in the informal buffet style restaurant on board. This is not an option which I enjoy for dinner but is great for families with young children and for anyone who is perhaps simply too tired after a day exploring ashore to get dressed up for a formal dinner.

Whatever you prefer, there is sure to be an option on board your cruise holiday to suit your needs and those of your fellow travel companions.

Thanks Emma