When booking your cruise holiday there is always a huge variety of cabin types to choose from so it can be hard to pick the one that is right for you. As your cabin will be your home for the duration of your cruise holiday it’s worth considering what you want from it in order to make the right choice.

Generally, I always opt for an inside or outside cabin without a balcony as I don’t spend a lot of time in my cabin. I just use it to sleep and get ready for the day or evening ahead.

Inside or Outside?

I much prefer to spend my time either ashore or in some of the common areas of the ship such as one of the decks if it’s warm and sunny. Inside and outside cabins are generally around the same size and if you are only using your cabin as a base for your clothes and other belongings and a place to sleep then they definitely fit the purpose.

For people who like to spend time relaxing in their cabin then a cabin with a window or port hole, or even a balcony would definitely be the best option.

Balcony Cabins

Having your own private balcony allows you to sit there and watch the world go whilst enjoying the privacy of your own space. It can also be the perfect place to sit if the ship is sailing into a particularly beautiful port, such as Venice, as on occasions such as this the decks can become rather crowded with people trying to enjoy the view.

Adjoining cabins can be the perfect solution for families with teenagers as everyone enjoys a bit of privacy and space but you are safe in the knowledge that they are just through the door. This could be preferable to sleeping with three or four people in the one cabin as this can become quite cramped unless you opt for a bigger cabin, a suite perhaps.


If you’re on holiday to celebrate a special occasion, or simply fancy treating yourself then why not opt for a suite. Most ships have a few different sizes of suites with different amenities and special touches.

Suites are always larger than other cabins, which is great if you like spacious accommodation on board. Some suites will have little touches such as baths instead of showers and separate rooms with seating areas so you have more room to relax. Most ships also offer butler services in their most high end suites- surely the ultimate in luxury!

Thanks Emma